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The RxWell Story

The Beginning of a Scientific Focus

Father and sons in 1968Having an exercise physiologist professor as a father is bound to rub off on you. The very first job I had was cleaning his labs and eventually graduated to help run the experiments themselves. 

Our family didn’t put much weight behind health advice from well-meaning, but ill-informed neighbors, coaches, news stories, or traditions. We had scientific journals and a PhD dad showing us what improved performance and what didn’t.

Every year there seems to be a new fad vitamin, mineral, herb, juice, or oil recently discovered to be the elusive "fountain of youth." But what happens when you dig into the science behind the fad? Almost nobody follows those tales back to the source to uncover their thin science and stretched claims. I’ve been doing that since I first learned to read - sometimes to the annoyance of family and friends. That dependence on real science has saved my health and helped many others as well. Perhaps it's about to help you, too.

Nutrient Depletion

Years ago in bed late one night - frightened by the way my body was reacting to a prescription I had just started - I rolled over, grabbed my phone and began researching for what could possibly be causing my irregular heartbeat. A few hours later I had scratched the surface of what causes many of the dangerous side effects of prescription medications. It is called nutrient depletion.

Most pharmaceutical medications help us relieve unbearable and even life-threatening medical problems. That's great. But to do that they often disrupt normal processes in the body. Each class of drug can dangerously impact the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. This can cause serious short-term and long-term side effects.

Extensive medical research into nutrient depletion reveals that each drug affects us differently and so each drug requires a uniquely balanced mix of nutrients to counteract the drug's negative impact. 
Beginning with my own prescription, I pored over study after study in one scientific journal after another. I had to understand how to keep myself healthy while benefiting from my prescription.

My research into nutrient depletion, plus how these nutrients interact and how they are best absorbed into the body, showed that I needed over a dozen ingredients. And no mixture of multivitamins or individual vitamins, minerals and other nutrients would give me the right doses of each. If I addressed my problem this way, I would not only be taking too much of some ingredients and too little of others, I would be spending a fortune on an entire shelf of supplement bottles. The answer had to be a single formula with the right ingredients, types, and amounts.

RxWell is Born

I loved this work and became obsessed with getting an effective formula and sharing it. Realizing my love of science would match well with my business experience I began seeking out world-class experts to fill in gaps: nutritional biochemists, medical professionals, nutritionists, formulators, a supplement testing lab and a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing partner. 

We produced a number of bottles of the first formula - the one meant to support my worrisome prescription. Before we released it to the public I personally took it for months (I've now been taking it for years). All of the science said that it should help with the short-term side effects I was feeling. Perhaps more important would be its effect 20 years down the road of keeping my nutrition balanced despite my prescription.*

Over those months of personal testing I felt worse when I went off the supplement for a few days and better when I remained on it. That's just one story and not proof. But for me it confirmed that those years of researching countless studies, interviews and formulations were worth it.

The Pandemic and a Focus on Immune & Respiratory Health

Shortly after bringing our nutrient depletion formulas to market the world experienced the largest viral pandemic in 100 years. Immediately our team began researching.

We wouldn't cut corners or follow fads to be first. We would only rely on thorough research and reputable science. We would view the body's immune system as the complex ecosystem that it is and put together a holistic solution to support it. 

Those months of research and formulating have resulted in what we believe is the most comprehensive and science-based supplement available to naturally support the body's immune and respiratory systems.*

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