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What Experts Say About Prescription Drug Side Effects from Nutrient Depletion

John Neustadt, ND

“One of the reasons why some people get adverse drug reactions is because their body is being depleted of nutrients. There are a lot of medications that strip your body of specific nutrients….If you’re taking a medication, can identify the nutrients it depletes and replenish those nutrients with diet or dietary supplements you might help yourself avoid a dangerous side effect.”

- "Death by Prescription and What You Can Do About It." Discover 800: 624-1416

Margaret Moss, MA

“There is evidence that many drugs, medicinal or recreational, produce deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and/or amino acids. Some drugs cause multiple deficiencies. They may reduce conversion of vitamins to their active forms, or inhibit the production of important metabolites....They may reduce absorption, or cause excretion of nutrients.”

- "Drugs as anti‐nutrients." Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, 16:2, 149-166

James B. LaValle, RPh

"In the medical management of individuals [with metabolic syndrome], several classes of drugs may be used, and some have the potential to cause nutrient depletions that could induce metabolic changes that further the progression of any component of metabolic syndrome or create new morbidities."

- "Hidden disruptions in metabolic syndrome: drug-induced nutrient depletion...." Alternative therapies in health and medicine 12.2 (2006): 26


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