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The immune support really seems to have made me feel great. I feel less stuffy and and just generally better. I can’t tell you how much it helps with my anxiety about all of the stuff that is going on in this world....having that extra confidence that I am a bit more protected, whether it be from "C", it’s potential complications, or just any other germs out there, has made me feel better to live in the world!


Immune health is more important than ever to me and my family given all that's going on in the world and here in our own backyard. I've added Rx Well Immune & Respiratory to our family's daily morning routine and couldn't be happier. Two thumbs up, 5-stars and a big thank you for this great product.

Greg G

Purchased my first bottle from the RxWell website and the next 2 from Amazon. We live in a cold region and have felt healthy all winter. (knock on wood) I love the science behind each ingredient. I've looked up several of the published papers and am surprised that this is the only product with some of these unique proven immune ingredients. I'm sticking with this product during cold and flu season.


Great product! Has really helped with all the bugs going around. I haven’t gotten sick since I began taking this. Super easy to swallow as well. Shipping was fast and I received it the next day.

Laura T

I love all of these ingredients! It has some fantastic ones to help kick the Immune System into full speed. They’re also very clean, are GMP Certified, Non-GMO , Vegan, Soy-Free, then they’re 3rd Party Tested and all in the USA.
I’d recommend these things all day long, especially these days.


RxWell Immune & Respiratory: 12-in-1 Immune Support are easy to swallow capsules and didn't cause any stomach issues. They contain many of the supplements that I take individually, so this is a nice way to bundle them together, and makes it easier for travel purposes.

T. Gaston

Not only does this help my immune system, after taking for about a week I am breathing easier and coughing less. So I give these easy to swallow capsules the credit.


I have been taking RxWell Immune & Respiratory for months now. I start every day with 2 capsules. It has kept me from getting my regularly scheduled winter cold (first time I've missed it in years). I keep RxWell in stock in my vitamin cabinet and take it every day. Thank you RxWell.



Clinically proven ingredients

Our supplements are supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed, clinical studies that identify the most promising and proven natural ingredients.


Science-driven formulas

PhD nutritional biochemists, medical professionals, and nutritionists combine these proven components into one-of-a-kind formulas containing clinically effective doses and potencies.


Lab tested production

Carefully sourced raw, natural ingredients are put through rigorous lab tests before, during and after the cGMP and NSF-certified manufacturing process to ensure purity and potency.

RxWell Immune & Respiratory Support Ingredients

Naturally Sourced, Scientifically Proven

We only use ingredients that are proven by rigorous science and generations of safe, effective use.

Seasonal Support Blend - Research Quotes

Artemisia / Wormwood

"Artemisinin...isolated from Artemesia annua has been shown to be a fast acting, safe and effective drug against multidrug-resistant and sensitive strains of P. falciparum."

- Natural Products Research (2004)

Palm Fruit Bioactives

"The data show that the shikimic acid (found in Palm Fruit Bioactives) and quercitin combination, even at low doses, may be effective for the modulation of innate immunity."

- Journal of Medical Virology (2008)

Yeast Beta Glucan

"Strong correlations among changes in NK (natural killer) cell activity, PBMC IL-12, and hs-CRP suggested that β-glucan could be an attractive candidate for stimulating protective immunity without enhanced inflammation."

- Nutrients 2016

Pomegranate Extract

"Results suggest a beneficial effect from the daily intake of Punica granatum L. (pomegranate extracts) as dietary supplements to augment the human immune system's antioxidant, antimalarial and antimicrobial capacities."

- Planta Medica (2007)

Respiratory Support Blend - Research Quotes


"Quercetin has been documented to possess antioxidant, antifungal, anti-carcinogenic, hepatoprotective, and cytotoxic activity."

- Foods Journal (2020)


"Results suggest that the immune system functions well with cordyceps extract supplementation, perhaps with less accompanying inflammation. Thus, cordyceps is safe and effective for enhancing cell-mediated immunity in healthy adults."

- BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2019)


"Results suggest that bupleurum chinense extract may have therapeutic potential for treating allergic rhinitis through modulating the accumulation and activation of important leukocytes in the immune system such as Th1, Th2, Treg, eosinophils and mast cells."

- The American Journal of Chinese Medicine (2019)

Sweet Basil

"Results show that extracts of ocicum basilicum and selected purified components, namely apigenin, linalool and ursolic acid, exhibit a broad spectrum of antiviral activity."

- Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology (2005)


"Extract of Perilla frutescens enriched for rosmarinic acid can be an effective intervention for mild seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (SAR). Use of this alternative treatment for SAR might reduce treatment costs for allergic diseases."

- Experimental Biology and Medicine (2004)

RxWell formulations are based on decades of published research in dozens of science journals

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